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Round Tower Block Chardonnay

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New Round Tower Block Chardonnay cuttings


Today we potted about 150 chardonnay cuttings taken from the Upper West Side block on Jack Rabbit Hill, a good day to propagate vines as the Moon is in Archer, which means it's a good day to be working on frui

t-bearing plants like grape vines.

Eventually these cuttings will end up in the Round Tower block on Jack Rabbit Hill, a special site planted only in JRH's own native cuttings (rather than plants from another nursery or farm).

As biodynamic farmers, we're always looking for ways to use the farm's own resources instead of bringing in materials from off the farm (for example our own manure and cover crops for fertility rather than imported manure or store bought fertilizers).

So growing our vineyards with our own plant stock instead of buying from a nursery or another vineyard is a slam-dunk!